Stylized Rock n Grass

More Materials!

Another piece from a demo session. I had a student who

was having an issue with shape creation in Substance Designer. He was

attempting a stylized rock ground texture. Designer can be a bit of a challenge

with the volume of different nodes. Many times one is on the right path and its just an order of

operations issue or the addition/subtraction of a node or two. After about an

hourish of the how and why process + demo: this was the result.

Now it's far from finished but its in a pretty good state to show off a WiP

and example of stylized in Designer.


Toon shaderz!

10mm ToonZ

I've been working as a teaching assistant in addition to working on my environment piece.

During our courses I've gotten a lot of shader setup questions. In order to help make the

content interesting I decided to make a toon style shader.

I plan to develop the shader over the course and also bring it into

Unreal to show the process there as well.

Here is the resulting progress.